about edublooms

EDUBLOOMS is a flexible device-friendly SAAS, Cloud-hosted Software that offers campuses of any range to elastically manage their school, staff, logistics and academics ushering in a completely paperless campus experience. Edublooms is geared for all kinds of institutions – Schools, Colleges, Universities and vocational training institutes. Our design philosophy has three key goals: Simplicity, Sophistication & Security.

EDUBLOOMS provides a consolidated solution for all the day-to-day needs on a campus. We solicit constant feedback from users to build specifically what is used and liked. The satisfaction of our users (staff, back-office, parents and students etc.) has the highest priority in our scheme of things.

The product readily suits K12 education model but offers malleability to be molded to suit any global educational standard. Edublooms is arguably one of the best and affordable products that blends not only academic management but also ensures pain-free school operations with IT infrastructure management, communication, HR and payroll management, comprehensive Student enrollment and profile management, bio-metric access controls, infrastructure and inventory management and so on.

why choose us?

Edublooms provides an all-in-one solution for any educational institution. From the your school site content, to managing your enrollments or student profiles, to your complete communication needs, to your HR management to your complete academic management or infrastructure management – Edublooms has it all and much, much more.

All-in one Solution

The school will never again need any other software. And best part - All the data stays in one place and the various ends of school & academic management all give and take from this data pool with seamless experience.

Innovative, Simple & Secure

The software has simple to use and works great on all devices. Edublooms is also very secure so you can always know you are in safe hands.

Our Mission & vision

Edublooms long-term vision is a one-stop software solution for Educational Campuses. We believe in constant product refinement and addition of add-on modules based purely on end-user feedback.

Our mission is to provide a sophisticated, user-friendly, functionally rich yet simple high-end affordable and reliable and secure solution to educational institutions.